Draft Gears DynamIQ

Features and Advantages

  • The DynamIQTM 742 has one of the highest impact rating velocities of any gear on the market, in effect protecting cars from impacts at higher velocity.
  • The DynamIQTM 742 weighs 312 lbs, which is signifcantly lighter & more streamlined compared to an all-metal friction gear.
  • Fits all standard yoke & car construction specifcations. Fits 24-5/8” standard pocket.
  • Combined steel and elastomeric draft gear.
  • Parts for the friction clutch of the DynamIQTM 742 are shared with the PowRGuardTM draft gear line for proven performance.
  • The gear is acceptable for properly used thaw sheds with high temperatures due to high quality urethane components.

The DynamIQTM 742 friction clutch protects the housing of the draft gear qualifying it for future long term reconditioning so, it can be used again & again. Pre-shortened for easy application. AAR conditional approval under M-901E. AAR Rule 21, Group J Type Gear. Full Warranty.