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About us
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In Stucki de México, located in Monterrey N.L. was founded in 1986. We design and manufactue brake and suspension systems for freight railroads that travel under the American standard AAR in most of the world, and for some other similar rail systems.

By teaming with Universities and Clusters in the region, we actively seek to create continuously improved products that give our customers an added value, with benefits much greater than the optimal cost they pay for our designs.

Manufacturing of railway braking systems

Innovation is part of our DNA, and we have built together a team of creative engineers, who not only develop their own and innovative products, but also design and manufacture their manufacturing cells, stamping tools, manufacturing equipment and ovens! And we have proudly created our own laboratories with certified testing machines in the industry, which provide the support required for the creation of superior quality and performance products, and suitable for the heavy duty that will be submitted for 30 to 50 years.

Belonging to the American railway group A. Stucki Company since 2004, we continue to create even more and better families of products for the global industry, always focused on products of safety, quality and outstanding performance. A. Stucki Company was founded in 1911 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Currently we are applying our knowledge acquired and validated in export products and we are moving solidly towards new and interesting industries, where mutual achievement is the basis for sustainable development towards a healthier and better world.

Be part of our group of suppliers, employees and customers, and join us in this exciting adventure!