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Welcome to our home on line!

Hello amigos! I want to share with you that our new web page is now open for all of our friends!
In it we are offering the basics on any webpage, general company info, and brief history, but more importantly, we are including a picture catalog of all of our product lines we offer!
And if you click on the image, it will take you to each product page, where each one comes with:

1. its own Technical BROCHURE, downloadable in pdf, with:

a. Features
b. Benefits to you
c. Packaging std
d. Schematic on its application
e. Ordering information and
f. Selection chart

2. Some items, that have a wide range of options, also include a CATALOG.

This facilitates their definition and correlation to our ea. Model product drawing reference, as well as a cross reference to historical part numbers. This goes for:

a. Truck bottom rods (Brake lever conectors)
b. Brake Levers
c. Grating (Running Boards)

3. Recording SHEET:

A one page technical sheet where users can fill in blanks to select the proper component in the car that needs replacement. Just print, fill abd send in, or, type in our page and send in for quote!

Our page is meant to be simple and friendly, and to also be a mean to contact and stay in touch!

So that we will be bringing things of interest as well as news on our group! Feel free to retrofit and/request product info or quotes!