RC Brake Beam


  • Most Reliable & Strong, yet Light.
  • RC Brake Heads Top Performance: Replaceable + Corrected Angle + EasyKeyTM+ SureHome.
  • Strut: Reversible or Semi-Reversible.
  • Available capacities: 18,000 and 24,000 pounds.
  • Sturdiest Design: prevents deformation in any direction.
  • Resistant to: extreme Vibration & Weather.
  • Exceeds Quality & Mechanical AAR Standards.


  • Extends Life of: Brake Shoes, Wear Liners & Wheels.
  • Replace Burnt Head (save a Beam): “RC-Kit” by the track!
  • EasyKey tm system speeds up Brake Shoe change out: fast & easy! Release train inspection sooner!

StopTab & SureHome assures fixedly support of Shoes & Keys Embossment design adds clearance to Rigging system elements Resistant to Fatigue and Vibration Reversible Beam reduces Inventory & fits any car at repair shops! Immediate delivery!