Brake Levers


  • Built to transmit, multiply and/or change the braking forces within the brake rigging system.
  • Different models according with their function, position and location.
  • High strength hard steels, meets and exceeds forged levers traditional service
  • Accurate shapes, with precise pinhole diameters & locations.
  • Shot blast finish on all Levers
  • Any model & customized shape, to your specific requirements, fast & reliable.
  • Properly engraved for traceability, with company logo., along with drawing number – revision and Julian date that was manufactured.


  • Improve car rigging system faster by your own improved design & concepts
  • The right levers & rigging design will extend life of pins, levers, brake shoes, wear guides & brake beams! We can help!
  • Smooth & wear-strong surface
  • Immediate delivery