Centering Wear Liner


  • Aligns brake shoes to the wheel tread center. Extends both shoe and wheel life using exclusive patented design.
  • Spring loaded to maintain brake beam centering; prevents binding during truck warp conditions
  • Maintains brake head angle correction using hardened high strength steel. Prevents deformation, indentations & premature aging.
  • Hard, shot blasted even surface, provides low friction sliding for a more uniform and powerful braking application, assuring proper shoe alignment
  • Smooth surface finish offers greater resistance to wear and fatigue
  • Traceability is effective with stamped manufacturing date
  • 100% inspected. Immediate delivery!


  • Unique Metal Spring Tab, supported by an urethane insert, provides the necessary flexibility, wear resistance and robustness to Align the Brake Shoes to the wheel tread center, protecting the wheel flange and tread over-hang, thus extending wheel life
  • Wear resistant, hardened high strength steel, spring holding action secured with 4 dimples